Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sonlight Core 3 Supplements


***Updated 3-25-09***

I love Sonlight. Over the past three years using their “Cores” as the spine of our learning, I have often gotten the itch to do just a little bit more.

Well let me rephrase that because Sonlight offers plenty to keep the most studious of us busy. The kids and I really find ourselves wanting more hands-on activities. And I want them simple and ready at hand. I mean, after plowing through the living books we are blessed with through Sonlight the last thing I want to do is spend hours gathering up materials, worksheets, recipes etc. for some educational fun time.

That’s why I’m offering this list of (mostly) hands-on activities and materials you may enjoy in your journey through Sonlight’s Core 3.

********This is a growing list. I will periodically add things at I find them. I will do my best to mark things at new when they are added********


Lewis and Clark Lapbook free! from Homeschool Helper

George Washington Lapbook free! from Homeschool Helper

United States Constitution Lapbook free! from Homeschool Helper

Boston Tea Party Lapbook free! from Homeschool Helper

Life in Colonial America Lapbook from HOAC

The Story of Jamestown Lapbook from HOAC

Notebooking & Other Printable Pages

Columbus Printable Worksheets

History Pockets, Life in Plymouth Colony

History Pockets, Native Americans

History Pockets, The American Revolution

Lift-The-Flap Timelines: American History

Hands-On History: Colonial America

Easy Make & Learn Projects: Colonial America

Easy Make & Learn Projects: Northeast Indians

Craft Type Activities (Not lapbooks)

Time Travelers - New World Explorers

Time Travelers - Colonial Life

Time Travelers - American Revolution

Corps of Re-Discovery this store offers many project kits that contain all the materials you need to create some pretty fantastic things like moccasins, tomahawks, coon tail hats, Pioneer costumes and wooden toys. This link covers many areas from Core 3.

Fun & Easy American History Crafts and Games

The American Revolution for Kids: A History w/ 21 Activities

Tin Can Totem Poles How To

The First Thanksgiving in Focus

The Mayflower in Focus

The Puritans in Focus

How To Make a Tin Can Lantern

Christopher Columbus - Egg Cup Ships

How to make hand-dipped candles

Make your own New World map

Make your own Aztec sacrifice knife … I know, but it’s a craft!  This site has many craft ideas including making masks, timelines, shields and dress, and drawing Aztec gods.

Pocahontas fringed bag (yes, this is from the movie.  but i felt it was a notable craft)

Pretend Play

Will the Real Paul Revere Please Stand Up? And 14 Other American History Plays


  1. Hey! I didn't know you had a blog...Gosh!

  2. I found another. Handle on the Arts now offers a few Hands-On supplements to Sonight.

  3. I am doing core 3 with my 4th grader. This is our 3rd year using Sonlight and up until now I have really liked it. But so far this year (we are in week 5) it has not gone well. Maybe I just don't get the flow of core 3 or something, but it's boring. They don't give any suggestions for hands on activities at all that I know of. It's all just reading. We are doing Sequential Spelling for spelling, Handwriting Without Tears, Math U See, and Sonlight. The core 3 history is just hard to navigate or something, always having to flip though the binder to this section or that section, of which you have to find on your own bc they don't tell you. Am I missing something here? Everyone says how Sonlight offers more than enough things to do, but he can get school done in an hour (not including math). Then he's bored. He's in advanced reading and he'll sit and read the books in one day instead of taking a week or two like they suggest. I am having second thoughts about using Sonlight bc apparently I can't figure it out.

    Anyway, my friend found your blog for me and I wanted to say thanks so much! I'm going to check out the sites you listed and see if we can get school to be more involved and hands on.